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          Hello all dear Christian brothers and sisters visiting this site. Thank you so much for deciding to come. I’ve set up this site, not so much as a real blog, but, instead, as a website, with links to other blogs, to get out the things I’ve been studying in relation to the Bible, to those I know and others whose obtain the address.

I am warning you now that I am not the person that can tell you how to fix anything about yourself in that I can hardly live up to my own standards. I do not want you to grow up to be like me or even think the way I do. I am not a perfect manuscript (see Is Perfection Possible?) . Prayerfully I will not be copied by even the tens. But, I have a Book. It was written by our Creator and everything He says through it is the absolute truth and I am going to do my best to get you to read that Bible, yes, the, I said, the perfect Holy Bible, and I am going to do all I can to influence you to the TRUTH you have been ignoring for all these years. And if you are a better Christian than me and more of a Bible believer, then I am going to try to get what you’ve got and grow up to be like you and try to help you all I can. Lord love you that are in such a blessed state! Those of you that are not saved, I will not be CON-verted by you to your godless opinions. I will try to answer any of your questions and attacks you level against GOD’S HOLY WORD in an exceedingly kind fashion, if you want the answer. If you do not you will find out I can be crude. (I tell you your kind is worse.) I do not have all the answers! I do not remember all I’ve learned! Science is not infallible (and lots of scientists are stupid and/or wrong and/or liars), crazy people like you have faith only in what has no God attached! And if you’re an atheist that (“science”) your only rusted support! If you come on my site or contact me and you believe in another god or live under the weight of another religion, if you want an answer to a question I will answer you and I will try to convert you to Bible Christianity (not I, the Holy Ghost will). And do you know why? Because, unlike the atheist, you are going to HELL in the expectation of a better after-life or think you know how to get there; most atheists are willingly ignorant liberals, anyhow (II Peter 3:5). There are two types of people on Earth: you unsaved (normally:heathen, simpering, deceived, crooked, Jesus Christ-hating pagan nuts, though there are those yet to be converted, praise God!) and then there are those going to heaven through faith in God’s, Jesus Christ’s blood. All you saved: I love you and the heathens so much! But you’re going to have to deal with me more often because we share a community and eventually heaven :). And remember, if you believe something that IS contrary to the CLEAR DOCTRINE of the Holy Bible (I DO NOT MEAN DIVERS INTERPERETATIONS), that I will break our fellowship, but I will try to help you back repeatedly first (Titus 3:10). All I have already and will address in the future, I love you. Enjoy.


Luke 11:28    Eph. 4:5,15    Rev. 22:18-19    Lam. 3:40    I Corinthians 1:21   Psalm 119

I will walk before the LORD in the land of the living. I believe, therefore I have spoken: I was greatly afflicted: I said in my haste, All men are liars. What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me? –Psalm 116:9-12


A site providing videos with great Bible defence toward defending Christians against the wiles of the Devil (Ephesians 6:11; Jeremiah 48:10 ).

Without the Gate:

A Compilation of King James Bible Informational Resources in the Hopes of Convincing the Unbeliever as Regards the Word of Our Lord God. (Psalm 12:-6-7; Hebrews 13:12)

2Click here (2)


GREAT AUTHORIZED KING JAMES BIBLE DEFENCE [Also see Without the Gate coming soon]:

What's the Big Deal About the KJV Bible?


I’ll try to check and update the blog every week on Thursday afternoons. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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*If you are really worried about some crazy rabid heathen getting your e-mail address you may be able to use mine (drwoody1128@gmail.com); let me know if it works. If the creep gets your address, TELL ME, and you’ll get an apology or never see him in your inbox again! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT & ASK ANY QUESTIONS!


4 thoughts on “HOME [Joseph (Woody) Armstrong]

    1. Hi Joseph! I finally visited your site! Your introduction was awesome! I have one question… Do you believe that the Lord loves each and everyone of us here on this existence, even if we fail him and sin? Calling people unto repentance is a powerful duty, but we must love everyone and sincerly want to help them in all their ways before we can cry repentence unto them.”God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.” So, what are your intentions with this blog type site? I’d like to follow to see what you know, we can learn a lot from each other :).

  1. Responce to comment above this:
    Dear Leah,
    Thank you for visiting my site; you’re the first to leave a comment on it! I’m currently working on finding some other good Christian bloggers, as well as some nasty Christian bloggers and some nasty atheist, etc, bloggers 🙂 . Hopefully God will work out some situations so I can purchase my own laptop for ministerial purposes.
    I’ve personally been studying/reading/listening to the Bible for a long time, answering others’ questions regarding Bible doctrine, prophecy, language, etc., however, for the past few years (since a confrontation with a wreck-head professor in 2010 and going to a community college in the fall of 2011) I’ve been backsliding regarding faith in the God of the King James Bible and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our propitiation for our sins and our only potentate, full of doubt and bordering on nihilism (hazy belief that nothing exists but the thought of non-existence :/ ). This is not regarding your question in the least, it is only an explanation I’ve provided for not providing as many actual Scriptural quotations as I would like. I will and have been working on studying the Bible more and plan to when I have sufficient time, rather than devoting over much time to the study of the purity of the biblical text as I have since June (the results of which I will be making another blog to contain).
    Regarding your question concerning whether I believe God loves everyone in existence or not:
    First of all, I believe that the God of the Bible loves you. I need to make this very clear because I do not believe, nor does the Scripture teach, many of the teachings and accepted “-ologies” that you, being a Mormon, must believe. I see it necessary to get it out now: I do not believe that Mormonism is true, not being of God it must be of Satan to destroy men’s souls. (To say all this is why I decided to reach out to people through the printed word, because (1) I write far clearer than I talk, unless I am very comfortable, and (2) I write much more sternly than I talk.) I must tell you that I hate what you have been born into, gotten yourself into, or however you actually became a Mormon; I did not tell you before at CDP because I could not show you why then, nor will I just yet. I must tell you all this because I need you to know that I will try to get you out of it. Why? Because I want you to be free. I will try to convert you to Biblical Christianity because I do not want you to be deceived or go to hell. God loves everyone alive. He does not love Satan and neither do I. Apparently God hates those irredeemable wretches that are in hell for ever and those wicked ones that are full of sin and shall not be saved (because God says He hates some, though he is grieved at their damnation and those He loves are not righteous because of favoritism, as a Calvinist will tell you). I need to show you that I hate the “religious” mess that you’re in as a Mormon and no matter what I say against your currently held beliefs I do not hate you, nor your Mormon friends, nor your Mormon family (?). God loves you all and every Atheist, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witness, Oriental, Caucasian, Negro, and Indian, but that does not mean they all will go to heaven sinlessly perfect. That takes faith of God in his blood shed on Calvary for all. I believe that it is not too late for my own struggles to get turned around, as many satanic attacks already have been, God will save me from them I pray and am sure. I would help people find our Lord Jesus Christ. I would have them forsake all and follow Him. I would show men who the liars are and diminish their followers that they may turn and follow Christ. I would have all those that are saved warned of the evils in their churches, the apostasy of their leaders, and the damnable heresies that they would have them fall into. I would also be always right, correct and accurate (all this because of pride), though I know I am wrong often. And now I don’t care at all if I am ever shown to be wrong.
    BUT, I have a Book that is never wrong because it is the “every word of God is pure” of Psalm 12, and I know by it that my Redeemer liveth! Ultimate authority scares everyone, even me often times, and if it is ever proven wrong I am forced to recant of my belief in its inerrency. But may all know: if the Authorized King James Bible is in error, only once, and there is a God as well, then His pure word must be else where in publication from ancient times, and if every one of the candidates for the title of “The Holy word of God” has at the least ONE error… THEN IN SORROW AND TERROR THERE IS NO GOD AND WE ARE ALL DEAD MEN!
    Leah, I want to have many more conversations with you and please read all of this regrettably lengthy e-mail. If you need any clarifications let me know via e-mail or comment; this all will a be where you left the comment. Have a great weekend.
    God save and bless you all,
    Joseph Armstrong

  2. Hi Woody

    Nice site – I can tell a lot by your links 🙂
    You visited my blog (danebalia.wordpress), thanks for reading!
    Just wanted to say hi and keep up the content.

    God bless ya

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