Biblical Secrets Revealed Part 1 by Hoggard

Good preacher, but the Prophecy Club has gone down hill and I cannot support it. God bless and enjoy.


One thought on “Biblical Secrets Revealed Part 1 by Hoggard

  1. I’m a big fan of Mike Hoggard’s and I personally believe that God raised up America (as He has used many other nations throughout history ) for the sole purpose of being instrumental in the rebirth of Israel. Since then, the United States has been completely infiltrated by the satanic NWO. We are no longer sovereign, especially with NAFTA, and with the deliberate depression of our economy, we can expect thousands of criminals (many illegal aliens) to be released into the general population. All the talk of sustainability, rapid transit and high speed rail, is part of Agenda 21. It is here – now. The reason America does not figure in Biblical end times prophecy, is because it will cease to exist as we know it. Keep your eyes in the dollar – and watch how easy it is for them to get rid of it entirely. Don’t worry about it losing value – it never had any to begin with!

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