New Pope’s bells ring at 6:66 PM !!!


11 thoughts on “New Pope’s bells ring at 6:66 PM !!!

    1. You need a reason to reject the Bible. When someone accepts it they believe that it is true and, further, that it is aplicable. Seventy-seven is used in the Bible and there are many alusions to it in the Bible. Every number that is given a meaning in the Bible is used by the devil and the occult for the opposite meaning of a wicked version of it. Six hundred sixty-six can be found in many places today, not only those regarding the pope which has been regarded by Christians throughout the centuries as the Anti-Christ (Latin: replacement for Christ or vicarius cristi). Regarding your exclamation: It is highly unlikely that they are going to make the mark of the beast from the time they are apointing the Pope. That is foolish if it were so to be. But, they shall use the number 666 and the name of the Beast for the mark you will recieve one of these here days, lest you do not need assistence in going to hell.

      Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: (II Peter 3:3-6)

    2. I believe that the pope ( not necessarily this one) – but it’s looking likely) will be part of the un-holy trinity – the false prophet, who receives his power from the beast. Understand that nothing will happen as far as long as the Muslims still control the Temple Mount. I expect something will “happen,” soon , though. Digest this nugget, from a well known Illuminist author – keeping in mind who the “New David is. . .”

      “… it may be possible for the New David to ride into Jerusalem in all his resplendent majesty. Note the word ‘ride’ … on a donkey as predicted in Zechariah 9:9 … it would seem advisable for the new Messiah to repeat it, donkey and all … The processional route will, of course, lie directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount … he must be duly enthroned and anointed with oil (in token of Psalm 45:6-7) amid the rubble of the dome of the Rock …” [Peter Lemesurier, “The Armageddon Script” , p. 233-35]

      It is important to take everything into light of Scripture. Just recently the Pope was given a seat at David’s Tomb – this should make your hair stand on end –

      1. The difference between (1) the God of the Bible, (2) the Savior of the Bible and (3) the Bible itself has to do with setting Bible Christianity apart from any “Stone”, Bronze, Brass, or Golden Age deity (Shieva, Alah, Odin, Ra, etc) or any “holy book” (Koran, Book of Mormon, The Book of the Dead, Tripitaka, Pearl of Great Price, etc.) ever thought up by men is the sygnificance. Difference between it and all false religions is varified, not that this now means it must be true. (Psalm 96:5; Isaiah 2:8; Psalm 97:7)
        Rationalists may contril the “nukes”, but we have no intrests in them going off. No Christian, no matter how radicle, has any intrest in J-had or the bringing in of the “Messiah” through death and destruction (unless of corse one’s a dominion theologist []). “Rediculous”? Only if the Bible if false, mind you.

        You don’t seem very rational with this so far.

        He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. (Proverbs 18:13)

        The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. (Psalm 14:1)

        Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob. Let them bring them forth, and shew us what shall happen: let them shew the former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end of them; or declare us things for to come. Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together. Behold, ye are of nothing, and your work of nought: an abomination is he that chooseth you. (Isaiah 41:21-24)

        He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (John 3:36)

        He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. (I John 5:10)

        One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple. (Psalm 27:4)

      2. Which false religion has a tri-part deity (I do not mean father, mother, son)? A claimed risen savior that was the deity in flesh (not Tamuz)? Monotheist, too (others: Islam [“off-shoot” of Christianity, that is, Catholothism], little and large modern cults[large like Mormons, Jehovah’s Whitnesses, etc.])? Bible codes or intext allusions to hidden things in Scriptures (see Scientiffic Proofs of Inspiration)? It’s antiquity? It’s world-wide permiation? Wrathful/merciful God? Martyers of centuries decending from firsts which originally abandoned the one they considdered their God in the flesh? There are many other things that make it absolutely unique to anyother ancient religion, deity or “holy book”. There are many more which make it absolutely distinct against the back-drop of the thousands of the other religions in the world. Unique? True. True? Maybe.

        For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the LORD our God is in all things that we call upon him for? And what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day? (Deuteronomy 4:7-8)

        For all the gods of the people are idols: but the LORD made the heavens. (I Chronicles 16:26)

        Confounded be all they that serve graven images, that boast themselves of idols: worship him, all ye gods. (Pslam 97:7)

        Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. (Ezekiel 36:25)

        But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it. (Isaiah 1:20)

  1. Here is Tom Horn’s reaction ( co-author of “The Final Pope is Here – Petrus Romanus.”)

    I find it interesting, that not only is Pope Francis Italian, (the Lord sees us not only as individuals, but also members of “tribes,” and nations ) but that he has taken the role of St. Francis – the Catholic church’s very own environmentalist. He stated that animals had souls, and that the earth was our mother. I predict that Pope Francis will further the global warming, United Nations Agenda 21 to the nth degree! His being selected pope makes perfect, sinister, subtle, sense.

  2. This is interesting:

    “That Bergoglio–the final Pope on St. Malachy’s list and the one prophesied to reign over the church as it enters the Great Tribulation period–named himself after Saint Francis of Assisi is intriguing given that shortly before his death Assisi prophesied that at the time of the tribulation a man would “be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death… Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it…for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer” [Works of the Seraphic Father St. Francis of Assisi (1182–1226), Washbourne, 1882 AD, 248].

    Furthermore, in naming himself after Assisi, Bergoglio branded himself after an Italian (Roman) priest whose original name was Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone — literally, Peter the Roman.”

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