NAZI Jesuit Occolt (video documentary)

Now off YT, but I have a copy.


One thought on “NAZI Jesuit Occolt (video documentary)

  1. National Socialism and Communism have only been militarily defeated. The PTB are still following through with the the “plan.” Pleas read Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s excellent book – “The Power Elite and the Secret NAZI Plan.” Woody, the youtube you post here only tells the superficial, pop-culture aspect – please bear in mind that there were people, powerful people, (families) behind Hitler and Stalin, pulling the strings from the Ivory Towers of International Bankers and their allies.

    Another book I consider a must read – “While Men Slept,” by Dr. Kirby Fannin. He traces the “Path to Enlightenment,” back to the French Revolution. (which can be traced back even further – to the Tower of Nimrod.)

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