Dear Bryan Trainer, About the GREY…



I am currently taking a photography class at my collage. It is film based and interesting to me. I’ve been able to bee a good witness to others of Christ (hopefully), handed out my RYFTKOHIAH cards to many people and have, if nothing else, made many people accountable at my collage. I attended a “Bible study” club for 3 semesters, but left because I did not think I could stand all the versions being read, compared and (worst of all) believed (but NEVER that one was perfect; it was only preference and opinion). Bryan (spelling?) is now the president of the club and is also in my Photo 1 class. He is honestly asking questions about the AV and hopefully he can find a lot of the answers on “Without the Gate“.

Statement about the collage: Several of the people in our photography dark rooms have reported “causeless” sounds, motions, object touching and light changes. There is also a spirit at work in all most all of the “art” they produce (i.e., Mystery Babylon, “trip”, eye of Lucifer, etc.)

This morning he said he wanted me to see a picture on his phone. There were 2. One for everyone, one for me. The first was sort of funny (a T-Rex trying to use a urinal). The second was a picture of a female friend of his either taking a picture of herself or having someone else do it. I think it was in the dorms? (Bryan, you can leave a comment to straighten me out on this.) She was dressed in a embarisingly low top with most of her weight on one foot. He told me she had taken three like pictures just before this third and when she saw what she had photographed, she “freaked out.” In the wall behind her was a glass door (over her left sholder in the photo) and in the bottom half something was looking in. It was as clear as day and was not there 1 shot shot ago. To us Mike Hoggard viewers, it was a typical gray “alien” with large black eyes and cranium with practically vestigle nose and mouth. It was not a physical being from a “distent star”. After studying this and related topics for almost 12 months, now, I believe it was one type fallen angel or devil, oggeling at this young woman. I breifly explained this to him and told him I would post something to help him out. Here’s what I would suggest to him; EVERYONE, leave anything you think relevent to this in the comment section. Bryan, I hope this helps.

As a brother under the blood of Jesus Christ,

Joseph Armstrong

Exposing the Illuminati from Within Part 2 (also see Part 1, NA now*)

Pastor Mike Online 01-01-13, Crying Wolf and Occult Significance of Owls

Roman Priesthood A Cage of Unclean Birds **

*I DO NOT recommend ANY of the other YouTube “suggestions”!

** I use Mike Hoggard’s stuff A LOT because he makes a TON of videos constantly and bases EVERYTHING on that the King James Bible says.


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