The Prisim Project (Part 2)

The All Seeing Eye of the Antichrist is colecting information via…everything.


5 thoughts on “The Prisim Project (Part 2)

    1. Stipid WordPress can’t do anything right! I’ve gotta go to text every time I want to post a video and most of the time the embeded code doesn’t work.

      By the way, I started a new page above called “BOOKStaBuy!” after the call of ragbuyers in the early days of what we think of as paper. On it I will be advertising the best resources I can find on:
      The King James Bible
      Corrupted bible versions
      False religions (Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, etc.) and
      Accurate History.
      I’m planing to list: In Awe of Thy Word, Hazardous Materials, New Age Bible Versions, The Book of Bible Problems (or possibly The “Errors” in the King James Bible), By Divine Order, The King James Code, The Evolution Handbook, Annuls of the World (by Usher), Hislop’s The Two Babylons and various on-line books, articles, videos and audios. I’ll have most of them up soon. Maybe even today.
      Could you please send me the names of the top best book you have on these topics.

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