After the Flood by Bill Cooper (FREE book, recommended by Dr. Riplinger)

After the Blood by Bill Cooper

Dr. Gail Riplinger (best-selling author of “New Age Bible Versions“, “In Awe of Thy Word” and “Hazardous Materials: Greek and Hebrew Study Dangers“) recommended this book by Bill Cooper to me during a telephone conversation. She said that his thesis is that ENGLISH MAY HAVE COME DIRECTLY FROM THE TOWER OF BABEL! It is the result of 25 years of research and Dr. Kent Hovind’s ministry (which I do not support any more because his son is stepping away from the KJV) has been offering this book for years. Mrs. Riplinger said that his theory is not the standard history of English ariving from Gothic (as set forth in “In Awe of Thy Word”), but she said it is very interesting. She also gave me an internet link so I could read it on-line for free (she’s like that, even with her own books). Here are the links:



NOTE: I do not agree with the idea of inherrent knowledge of God in lost people set forth in the first chapter.

As a brother under the blood of Jesus Christ,

Joseph Armstrong


4 thoughts on “After the Flood by Bill Cooper (FREE book, recommended by Dr. Riplinger)

    1. Well, I was looking for a Bible tie from Creation Today and noticed that their behomoth tie had a new version of the beginning of the passage in Job. I e-mailed them about the thing and warned him I and said that if he would not listen to me he should at least stop offering the tie in honor of his father’s stand for the KJV. I never hear back from them and here’s the tie. I also, much latter, heard of this fact from a Pastor Mike On-line broadcast.

    1. Dear Sage,
      I believe the inherent knowledge of the God of the Bible set forth by Bill Cooper in the first chapter of “After the Flood” is false.
      I believe this “God” is the “god of this world” according to Romans 1. I remember the light that lighteth every man that commeth into the world, but this is not what he is claiming. Looks like the old devil of the unfinnished pyrimid to me.
      What do you think of it? Schripture?
      As a brother under the blood of Jesus Christ,

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