JOSEPH ARMSTRONG (Autobiography):

II Corinthians 12:10

Well, I got my first car in the summer of 2011….If you don’t get that now you’ll get it by freight tomorrow :). I was born on August 31, 1992 in Cooperstown, New York to a Christian couple in their 4th year of marriage. I, and my younger brother, were very long babies and today I’m gangly and he is tall and strong. But, I was blessed with something from God he hasn’t given anyone else I currently know: I was born with a word shaped birthmark on the back of my left leg, it says “Joy”, my “prophecy buff” geologist uncle (my mom’s twin’s husband) said that it looked like someone wrote it on with a marker! (Psalm 21:15) It’s been great to be assured that there is an English-speaking God that would promise me and all joy in heaven and even a little in this present world.

I was saved at, I believe, 6 years old (1999) at a Child Evangelism Fellowship club at our local community center. The “CEFers” offered refreshments to those that came to the back room to be lead to the Lord (and yes, I understood, though I solidified my conversion years later behind the baptismal at the First Baptist Church of Springfield Center), so, I went back for several invitations :). I’ve been homeschooled all my life (save preschool at a local Christian school which is now also(?) a church) with the video curriculum from A Beka Book publishers for highschool (7th-12th). This was a wonderful blessing of God! I learned from this how to rightly divide the word of truth, accept the Bible (KJV) as perfect and pure, and the three most important decisions you’ll ever make: (1) to be saved, (2) where to go to college, and (3) who you’ll marry. (from Mr. McBride).

After the Christmas of 2009 I began listening to Alexander Scourby’s narration of the Holy Bible. As I listened on my computer I would draw bible scenes on Paint (particularly the strange beasts, and of which I have shamefully lost all of my originals, but I guess it’s alright, because God decided not to keep his, Amen? [see Where are the Originals?]). but I grew and gained more faith and Bible knowledge more from listening through the Bible almost constantly for almost half a year (many times through Job) than I have from any great preachers since. That’s what the Bible is for! Spend some extended periods of time reading your Bible! Preferably 10 pages per day and a Chapter in Proverbs for the day; that should put you all the way through three times per year (Read Your Bible!). I am presently listening to/reading 4 chapters each day and a chapter in Proverbs for the date (like Febuary 15th- Proverbs 15).

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RYFTKOHIAH (‘rιft-co-‘hi-uh [not “rift-“, the “i” is long])

is the first letter of every word John the Baptist spoke in Matthew 3:2. I first used the name in an official capacity on December 11, 2010 to sign a painting I did on the tower of Babel (Gen. 11:6, see also The King James Code Number 11). I designed it to raise the question of its meaning from the onlooker to be used as an opportunity for those present Christians, primarily myself, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to those lost. Otherwise it is practically useless because no one can understand the word! So: If you get a change you’d better use it for the sake of the kingdom of God and for the sake of the lost man adjacent to you! My first major printed material was “Four Steps Towards the Word of God” for the conversion of those in the saved and unsaved persons who do not believe that the Bible (KJV) is inerrant and pure, which I will be making a new edition of shortly. For a long time I signed every printed material and every art project I produce with it, even including whiteboard verses (I’ve even had an old sunday school teacher pick on me mean-spiritedly for doing this. Pray I can get in touch with this brother and settle the crucial issue of biblical inspiration and that he will be given a heart to receive it.)


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Joseph, what a wonderful life you have. Ur birthmark must stand for something; God is already using you. I know all about CFERS because I have friends who are presently with Child Evangelism in Fiji as teachers and missionaries. I went to college with Becky and they have been there for many years and love what they do. They even adopted a beautiful girl from Fiji. Our daughter was not homeschooled because I was a single parent, but attended a private Christian school from grades 6-12 with the A Beka curriculum. The 2 teachers she had during those 7 years have been a great influence on her and many others. God bless you!

  2. Nice site Joseph. My wife and I I recently deleted our Facebook accounts, so I’m glad to be able to re-connect with you here.

    God bless,

    Nate Beck

    1. Thanks, Nate. 🙂 I’m hoping to get back on the video horse soon. work and Destiny take up a lot of time, but next time I go to Utica I’m going to try uploading a bunch. God bless. 😀

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