I have enjoyed thinking for many years now, ever since I “super-charged” myself by listening to the King James Bible being read by Alexander Scourby, particularly the book of Job. I believe, completely, that my ability to think was, no bragging, now, strengthened, not so much in comprehension, as anyone who knows my can tell you, but much regarding depth and complexity in meditation (Psalm 119:78; I Timothy 4:15). On this page I’ll be including things which result from this blessing which God through grace and the hearing of His word has imparted to me. If you see anything that you have heard before, would suggest a revision to, or would disagree with through your own logic or through your own Bible study, please let me know in the comment section or through e-mail. Thank you. Enjoy and God bless you all.


I believe that the four most important things in the world are these:

1: The salvation of men’s souls from hell; The Holy Bible (KJV).

2: Deception in the church.

3: Deception in the world.


Pure godly young ladies are like and unlike fireflies is several respects (I do have two in mind as I write)(which I discovered earlier this summer seconds after I shut up our chicken coop for the night, and have only expanded on slightly here):


1. They are as few and far between in almost exact ratio as fireflies are to darkness on the side of the world facing the moon.


1: They do not always produce after their kind (Genesis ), that is, they are not always raising their children to be beautiful Christ-like children, though it is nearly sure; they are also not always born of two “fireflies”, that is, a God fearing couple.

2: They do not glow for the sole object of attracting an attractive young buck and, in fact, that is the only reason the daughters of darkness make themselves attractive.

3: It is much easier to find good godly young ladies by their appearance than it is to find a good godly young man by his appearance (for properly lengthened apparel [] and lack of cosmetics []).

4: The godly young ladies attract the godly and ungodly young men, but the ungodly and immature girls attract both sooner and often pair with both, though not the best of the godly young men or, at least, not of long ([“hate putting away”, “no man put asunder”])  This is great confusion!

5: There are more fireflies on the trees of my back yard in August than there are good godly young ladies in the United States of America, yea, I have met more blinking fireflies in one summer evening than young ladies that fear God and walk uprightly and read their Bibles and believe it with all their hearts and hate the work of them that turn aside and want to serve God now and have a burden to see men saved that I will meet in my entire life! And that is heart breaking! (Lamentations audio; How To Destroy the Human Race; Isaiah 47:1-3)


In any disagreement over the Holy Bible (especially over the bible version issue): Find and investigate the one that uses the most Scripture references they use to support their views, study the opinion to the full (hearing arguments and answers to counter arguments) and then see what the prominent proponents of the other persuasion have to say. Be sure you are a saved by grace through faith in the blood of Christ Jesus Christian and know your Bible well before dabbling with controversies lest you be deceived! 

NOTE: Be sure that there is no perversion of the doctrine of salvation involved! If so, find out if there are others that hold to the doctrine without corrupting the gospel and study under them (for example: John McArthur’s heretical views on the blood of Christ). (1/22/13)


The Roman Catholic Church has sent more Christians to heaven than any thing else! Get it?



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